At Transcendi, our mission is to assist global clients in improving complex business processes, delivering effective system changes, attracting the right talent and boosting employee productivity. We specialise in a range of services including gamification, change management and business analysis and have helped business in these fields since 2013.


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Productivity - a key to Business Performance

Happy and engaged Employees are more productive, work harder and stay with the organisation for longer. Employee's productivity sets the chances of Organisation goal more realist...  more  

One day off-site Program

We try to cater the concept of Corporate Away Days by introducing it to the client into a fun based activity through a Game mode with a blend of valuable business insights. The tea...  more  

Gamifying Your Employee Induction Training Program

Modern careers need Graduates to be creative, should have a powerful critical thinking, interpersonal skills and negotiation. Crafting and presenting a reasoned argument, asking th...  more  

Reboot Remote Productivity

The pandemic has changed the business dynamics, the pace of business has slowed down, and outcomes have become unpredictable. It highly demands us to alter our ways of communicatio...  more  

Why Organization needs Team Building ?

Organisations create a team but fail to align individual core values with the team values. Hence, resulting a mismatch between team goals, team norms and operating principles. What...  more  

Entrepreneurship redefined

Startup is a very unconventional unique concept especially designed for the ones who believe to have a good product idea and a strong technical team but still FAIL to SUCCEED.   more  

Empowering Woman Through Gamepowerment

Business Learning has launched a Gamification platform especially designed to Empower Businesswoman. The program equips players in dealing with varied financing options like equity...  more  

#CompanyOnWheels – Learning while Travelling

Are you bogged out with the mundane training programs? What if we say that our signature Experiential learning program takes you to the iconic castles, incredible museums, beauti...  more