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Gamified Learning & Development Solutions

Academic Solutions

Transcendi provides a simulated gamification programme set in real-time with real life business learning. These game modes are fun, educational and will give your students real experience. This simulation-based game introduces players to different business management concepts that complement the undergraduates and post graduate programmes. It educates the students (player) on the core functions of any organisation through its virtual gamified platform.

 Understand financial implications of business

 360-degree perspective like executive management


Developing a rational thought process



Hone operative and strategic decision-making skills

 Understand cross functional relationship of an organisation


Nurture business acumen through business simulation






Business Learning™  was featured as the prime platform and solution provider in VISTA-2019 (an annual international business summit) hosted by IIM- Bangalore.  The event had more than 750 participants and attracted 2500 visitors.

Business Learning™ has also participated in Maheshwari Global Expo-2019 held at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. MGE 2019 was a global convention meet organised by the Maheshwari community and attracted 40K visitors around the globe.



Corporate Solutions

We strongly believe in simplifying business learning through gamification. Research has shown that employees who learn through gamification are more engaged, motivated, and productive. Gamification is user-friendly, delivers a higher ROI than conventional learning and is far more applicable to real world scenarios.

At Transcendi, we help any corporates of any size to achieve business goals through gamification. Whether you want to improve productivity through real world simulations or attract talent through better engagement, we offer a range of gamification solutions to take your processes to the next level.


  •  Business Productivity
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Know Your Customer Needs
  • Talent Identification
  •  Client Adoption
  • Team Assessment
  • Sales Cycle Acceleration
  • Professional Development
  • Cultural Change
  •  Time Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Organisational Growth Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Cash Flow Optimisation

 Maximise Your Business Potential

 To find out more about our consulting, business simulations and gamification or business analysis and change management, please contact us at Transcendi.


Entrepreneurial Leadership Coaching & Motivation

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in any healthy and functional economy. Entrepreneurship boosts innovation, creates new jobs and disrupts existing markets. When there are more jobseekers than jobs in an economy, they become an even more important aspect.

At Transcendi, we seek to encourage entrepreneurship through coaching and motivation. We provide budding entrepreneurs with the vital skills they need to succeed and grow. We connect successful entrepreneurs with aspiring ones and create a place where the sharing of knowledge is possible.

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Consulting, Gamification and IT Change Management in uk and Worldwide



Global To Local Knowledge Sharing Partnership

Our knowledge sharing partnerships will enable your business to uncover the knowledge it needs to grow. We will connect you with leading experts from the fields of academia, global markets and local industries to engage, learn and share experiences.

By partnering with experts at the global and local level, you will be able to access untapped resources to solve the challenges facing your organisation. In today's knowledge-intensive economy this will provide you with a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Sales Coaching & Development Programmes

Sales are the lifeblood of businesses. We have partnered with some of the most successful sales practitioners to offer coaching and development that will supercharge your sales team. We take a holistic approach that will examine your business as a whole rather than just your sales department.

Our consultants will partner with you to develop a coherent sales strategy, develop a framework for change and assist you in executing it. Once this is complete, we can then begin improving your sales systems, processes and training. We will make sure that your investment provides you with an excellent return.